Tree Credits

In 2010, I began pursuing my interest in digital recording by assembling a crude, (by today's standards), assortment of recording equipment. I started out with a small keyboard, some very buggy software, a few sounds, and minimal digital recording experience. In an attempt to expand my audio knowledge, I undertook the writing and recording of a collection of songs dedicated to and about my family, as a little Christmas gift. Each piece is written about specific family members.

"A Whiter Shade of Colour" is an homage to my wife, Velda, and our close-to-five decade relationship, (together since the age of fourteen).

"Through These Eyes" was written by myself and a very talented ex-student of mine, Gillian Pinder, (then sixteen), for my daughter, Tisha and then fiance, Will, celebrating their engagement. I was deeply moved when they chose to use it as the "walking down the isle song" for their wedding.

"Angel Eyes" was written for my new sweet little grand daughter, Seren, born in Australia. Christmas 2010 was when I was finally able to hold her for the first time.

"Smooth Country Living" was inspired by my daughter, Kayla, and husband Brian's move to small town Saskatchewan.

"Fiveteen" attempts to capture my eldest grand daughter, Zoe Rae's bubbly personality and perpetual desire to be ten years older than she really is.

"Buddy" is about my grand son James' never-ending energy and exuberance. 

"Biathlon Girl" is a tribute to my step grand daughter Michaela.

"Bob's Boogie" is for my step grand daughter Gabrielle. For some reason, I nick named her "Bob" a long time ago.

"Beatstiality" was written as a testament to my son Kyle's love for drumming and heavy metal music. 

The cover and liner notes were designed by five-year-old Zoe Rae. "Zappa" is what my grand children call me instead of "Grandpa".